TSS standards of physical properties & TSS VS. LEAD SHOT


ISO 5754-2017

ASTM E1417-16

ASTM E1019-2011

ASTM E498-11

ASTM E112-2013

ASTM E18-17e1

ASTM E8-16a

ASTM B777-2015

SAE AMS 7725E-2012

ASTM B311-17

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28.12 | 20:48

1 KG

28.12 | 15:12

Tungsten Super 18 Shot (TSS) #8,#7.5 Price 93,77 USD. FOR 1 KG OR FOR 10KG?????

23.10 | 12:44

Please write email to kjgao@tungstenalloy.tech,if you have any questions.

23.10 | 12:16

we are interested in your product tungsten syringe shield size 3 cc qty 2 and size 5 cc qty 2 could you please quote us on these items

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