Factory Profile

Zhuzhou KJ Super Materials Co., Ltd.

Total area of:5000 square meters(53819 square feet)

Built in:2001

Production Staff:60 to 79

QC Staff:5 to 9

R&D Staff:1 to 4

Site Advantages/Description

Our factory comprises a 4-storey distribution center with a total storage space of 5000 square meters, with the high ceiling height of 9 meters. It was designed by the renowned I.M. Pei who has thought of the design to fit our storage requirements.


Tungsten powder, nickel powder, iron powder.

TSS Production Line

1. Raw Materials Mixing Workshop

4. Ball Grinding Workshop

7. Iron Drum Packing

2. Injection Moulding Workshop

5. Surface Quality Inspection

8. Wooden Pallets Packing

3. Sintering Workshop

6. Density Detection

9. Loading & Shipment

Quality Control

QC/Technical Support:An independent department is responsible for checking the safety and quality of all newly developed products as well as those that are mass-produced for buyers.

QC Staff:5 to 9

Company Certifications:Certificate Standard:

ISO 9001:2015   



Issue Date:


Expiry Date:


Issued By:



Production of Tungsten Heavy Alloy Products (Balls, Fishing Sinkers)


100% local.

Procedures/testing Details:

Quality Control personnel who are all experts in their respective product assignments check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.

Other Information:

We are proud to announce our recently acquired ISO 9001 certification from the China Quality Certification Centre.

Invention Patent

1.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2854569.8   Authorization date: 2021-08-03

2.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2854966.5   Authorization date: 2021-07-13

3.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858419.4   Authorization date: 2021-09-24

4.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858503.6   Authorization date: 2021-07-13

5.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858512.5   Authorization date: 2021-07-13

6.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858725.8   Authorization date: 2021-09-24

7.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858786.4   Authorization date: 2021-07-13

8.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858788.3   Authorization date: 2021-08-03

9.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858812.3   Authorization date: 2021-07-13

10.Patent No:  ZL 2020 2 2858815.7   Authorization date: 2021-08-03


OEM/ODM Capability:

Our professional staff and state of the art equipment allow us to have the capability to design and manufacture a wide range of new items according to the buyer's requirements. Our ability to provide buyer labels and design services for our clients make us an attractive choice.

Number of Production Lines: 2

Size of Factory in Square Meters: 5000

Factory Size in Square Feet: 53819

Years of OEM/ODM Experience: 21

Design Services Offered: Yes

Buyer Label Offered: Yes

Monthly Capacity: 9,000 to 9,999Kilograms

Monthly Output: 8,000 to 8,999Kilograms

Major Markets Served:

Mid East/Africa


Western Europe


Eastern Europe

North America

Employment and the Workplace

Equal Employment Opportunity/Nondiscrimination

We believe that all terms and conditions of employment should be based on an individual's ability to do the job and not on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. We provide employees with a working environment free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or coercion relating directly or indirectly to race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion or disability.

Forced Labour

We do not use any prison, slave, indentured, or forced labor in the manufacture of any of our products.

Child Labour

We do not utilize child labor in the production of any product. We do not employ any person under the age of 15 (or 14 where local law allows), or the age at which compulsory schooling has ended, whichever is greater.

Hours of Labour

We maintain reasonable employee work hours based on the limits on regular and overtime hours allowed by local law, or where local law does not limit the hours of work, the regular work week. Overtime, when necessary, is fully compensated according to local law, or at a rate at least equal to the regular hourly compensation rate if there is no legally prescribed premium rate. Employees are permitted reasonable days off (at least one day off in every seven-day period) and leave privileges.

Coercion and Harassment

We acknowledge the value of our staff and treat each employee with dignity and respect. We do not use cruel and unusual disciplinary practices such as threats of violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.


We fairly compensate our employees by complying with all applicable laws, including minimum wage laws, or the prevailing local industry wage, whichever is higher.

Health and Safety

We maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We provide adequate medical facilities, clean restrooms, reasonable access to potable water, well-lit and ventilated workstations, and protection from hazardous materials or conditions. The same standards of health and safety are applied in any housing we provide for our employees.

Ethical Business Practices

Sensitive Transactions

It is our policy to prohibit employees from entering into sensitive transactions -- business dealings generally considered to be either illegal, immoral, unethical or to reflect adversely on the integrity of the Company. These transactions usually come in the form of bribes, kickbacks, gifts of significant value or payoffs made to favorably influence some decision affecting a company's business or for personal gain of an individual.

Commercial Bribery

We prohibit employees from receiving, directly or indirectly, anything of value in return for using or agreeing to use his or her position for the benefit of that other person. Similarly, commercial bribes, kickbacks, gratuities and other payoffs and benefits paid to any customer are prohibited. However, this does not include expenditures of reasonable amount for meals and entertainment of customers if they are otherwise lawful, and should be included on expense reports and approved under standard Company procedures.

Accounting Controls, Procedures and Records

We accurately keep books and records of all transactions and the dispositions of our assets as required by law, as well as maintain a system of internal accounting controls to ensure the reliability and adequacy of our books and records. We ensure only transactions with proper management approval are accounted for in our books and records.

Use and Disclosure of Inside Information

We strictly prohibit disclosure of material inside information to persons within the company whose positions deny access to such information. Inside information is any data that has not been publicly disclosed.

Confidential or Proprietary Information

We take extra care to keep our customers' trust and confidence in us. Thus, we prohibit employees from disclosing confidential or proprietary information outside the Company that could be harmful to our clients, or to the Company itself. Such information may only be shared with other employees on a need-to-know basis.

Conflicts of Interest

We designed our policy to eliminate conflicts between the interests of employees and the Company. Since it is difficult to define what constitutes a conflict of interest, employees should be sensitive to situations which could raise questions of potential or apparent conflicts between personal interests and the Company's interests. Personal use of Company property or obtaining Company services for personal benefit may constitute a conflict of interest.

Fraud and Similar Irregularities

We strictly prohibit any fraudulent activity that might injure our customers and suppliers, as well as the Company. We follow certain procedures concerning the recognition, reporting and investigation of any such activity.

Monitoring and Compliance

Monitoring and Compliance

We adopt a third-party monitoring program to confirm the Company's compliance with this Code of Conduct. Monitoring activities may include announced and unannounced on-site factory inspection, review of books and records relating to employment matters, and private interviews with employees.

Inspection and Documentation

We designate one or more of our officers to inspect and certify that the company's Code of Conduct is being observed. Records of this certification shall be accessible to our employees, agents, or third parties upon request.

Intellectual Property

We strictly follow and respect all Intellectual Property rights during the conduct of our business across both worldwide and domestic markets.

Our Major Customers


KJ Gao

23.10.2018 12:44

Please write email to kjgao@tungstenalloy.tech,if you have any questions.

helen aboubaker

23.10.2018 12:16

we are interested in your product tungsten syringe shield size 3 cc qty 2 and size 5 cc qty 2 could you please quote us on these items

Major Nawab Shujauddin

25.01.2018 20:11

We are a marketing company and supplying equipment to our Ministry of Defence and other Organization in Pakistan and Canada.
Please send your Telephone/ Contact Details


22.11.2017 01:41

hi, this is Imran, PhD scholar at Dalian University of Technology, I need a tungsten alloy sample of measurement 15*15*1.7 mm. so can you help me

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Tungsten Super 18 Shot (TSS) #8,#7.5 Price 93,77 USD. FOR 1 KG OR FOR 10KG?????

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Please write email to kjgao@tungstenalloy.tech,if you have any questions.

23.10 | 12:16

we are interested in your product tungsten syringe shield size 3 cc qty 2 and size 5 cc qty 2 could you please quote us on these items

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