What is the TSS?

Apr. 11, 2019

You probably did not come here by chance and you've probably already heard about TSS, or maybe you've even used it before. The TSS is the acronym for "Tungsten Super Shot". As the name suggests, it is therefore tungsten pellets that can be used for many things but especially, in this case, to make your own ammunition at very high performance.

Why the TSS?
First, it is an alloy that does not contain lead and therefore is NOT TOXIC to the environment. It can therefore be used legally in wet areas.

Then the density of the TSS is the most important of all substitute shots on the market: steel, bismuth, copper and sphero-tungsten included.

As a result, the lethality (penetration, residual speed) of this type of ball is simply the best on the market today and this for a long time. This allows you to make clean shoots at long distances, with exceptional shooting comfort.

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Jan. 22, 2018



The earliest use of the tungsten alloy as slug rifle

Jan. 5, 2018

To talk about the excellent anti-tank rifles of the Second World War, many people would say that Germany's Mauser M1918 anti-tank rifle, but another small country produced a anti-tank rifle also has a big bright spot let Germany and other countries very admire, so far a mention of tungsten alloy bullets always mention this country, it is Poland!
For a long time, countries produced bullet materials are mainly brass, a small number of lead and steel, because the brass plasticity. In the early years, it was a brass bullet against human beings, helpless in the face of a heavy armored tank.
In order to penetrate steel armour, many people's approach is to increase the firepower of guns, so that the bullet has a very high rate of fire, good penetration of steel armour, but the Polish gun designer's approach is not the same, they think, to wear steel armour, first from the bullets, so the industry's common tungsten alloy technology applied to bullets, It also produced a new anti-tank rifle: 7.92mm M35 Maroskozek anti-tank rifle.
M35 rifle is not a bright spot, it is based on Mauser M1918 anti-tank rifle based on the design, is to remove the M1918 anti-tank rifle unnecessary structure, making the gun the world's smallest quality anti-tank. The biggest bright spot of the gun was the use of tungsten alloy bullets, this is at that time the world did not think of things, tungsten alloy than steel density is still hard, wear steel that is due, but tungsten alloy bullet tough features also on the M35 anti-tank rifle damage to the rifling is very large, hit 200 hair on the scrap.
To solve this problem, tungsten alloy bullets are wrapped in copper-nickel, which looks like silver, so Japan calls it a silver bullet. Tungsten Alloy green bullets, also known as green Bullets, because the production of tungsten alloy bullets relative to lead bullets to environmental protection, so there is a green bullet laudatory name.

Tungsten core for armor piercing

Jan. 5, 2018

Tungsten-core for armor-piercing is one of the most popular weapon types in modern military weapons. The internal loading of tungsten alloy shells is called tungsten core armor-piercing rounds.

The main targets of the tungsten-piercing rounds are tank armor and rugged fortifications, because the tungsten core armor-piercing rounds are tough enough to compete head-on with these hard things.

The tungsten core armour-piercing is composed of a hood, a projectile core, a projectile body and a traction light tube. The core is also the main part of the armor-piercing projectile, which is made of high density (17~18 g/cm3) tungsten alloy. Tungsten alloy is a kind of dense metal not only large density and extraordinary hardness, is the main material for the manufacture of hard core munitions. The projectile body is made of low carbon steel or aluminum alloy, which mainly plays the role of supporting core, and has a guide band which can guarantee the rotation stability of projectile. The core is fixed in the middle of the projectile, and when the armor is hit, the projectile is cracked and the core is pierced.
The core diameter is small, only the 1/3~1/2 of artillery caliber, the target kinetic energy (ratio of projectile kinetic energy to the cross section area) is improved. The vertical piercing property is good, the tungsten alloy core is high hardness, has the characteristic of resisting the pressure not to pull, wear a basic not to deform, penetrate armor to form fragment, increase the killing and burning effect.
Tungsten core armor piercing projectile with high proportion of tungsten alloy manufacturing, the density can reach 18g / cm3, is 2.3 times the proportion of steel (7.8g / cm3), so the heart of cross-section density is conducive to improving the speed of flight survivability and the steel Penetration ability to improve armor-piercing kinetic energy to armor a fatal blow.
Tungsten alloy is also a high temperature, good thermal stability of metal materials. Tungsten core in the penetration arm to withstand high pressure and high temperature environment, the use of tungsten alloy core, even in the high temperature and high pressure environment will not bond deformation.
12.7mm Tungsten Core Shelling, was introduced in 1975 from the United States Pacific Technology company is in the process of the development of the 0.5APDS bomb, is a second-caliber rotating and stable armor-piercing rounds. It has been proved by experiments that the projectile has the advantages of high speed, low ballistic trajectory and strong armor-piercing. Among them, "armour-piercing power" is the most prominent advantage of the projectile compared with the same caliber projectile.
W95 type 12.7 mm Foreign trade heavy machine gun: W95 type machine gun is in China 85-type 12.7 mm gun as the blueprint developed. This machine gun has the powerful, the allotment tungsten core armor-piercing rounds, the barrel has 8 right spins and so on the outstanding merit. The tungsten core armor-piercing projectile can penetrate the armor plate with a thickness of 15 mm at a distance of 1000 meters and a hit angle of 45 degrees. The guide is 380 mm, launches NATO O.5-inch series of large-caliber bullets, the armor piercing ability outstanding. W95 Tripod is relatively stable, buffer device damping obvious, shooting gun body jitter small, to ensure good shooting accuracy and high shooting speed. In addition, through the use of armor-piercing, burning, drag light, explosion and other combinations of warheads, to achieve multiple targets on the battlefield hit. The gun is equipped with an advanced white light sight and can also be used as a sniper rifle.

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Oct. 27, 2017

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