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Sales Manager


05.04.2018 13:09

Jason Jackson

Is the price 98.95 per kg?

06.04.2018 21:08

KJ Gao


28.02.2018 20:16


What is the shipping rates if I order 10kg of tungsten shot #9/8.5? Is it still 7.00 as the website shows.

28.02.2018 21:07

KJ Gao

The shipping cost is USD7/kg by DHL.

28.02.2018 18:31

Bernie Stoltmann

What is the unit of measure for tungsten shot #9 and #8.5 for sells for 81.95 USD?

28.02.2018 20:07

KJ Gao

It's the kg.

02.12.2017 19:31

Jeff W.

how do you fill out the order form so it doesnt say china for the country.?

30.11.2017 01:59

Jeff W

Do you ship to the U.S.A.

30.11.2017 02:28

KJ Gao

Yes,we do.

08.10.2017 07:39

alan dixon

Hi when i fill in my order at the bottom of my address it says china,do you not ship to England.

18.09.2017 18:21

jay cole

We are a manufacturer in the USA, and have a small project.
can you provide a few small caliber AP cores as samples in 5mm - 5.3mm dia and 18mm long for test.
10-12 unit
I can pay if need

04.09.2017 23:32

Ron Perreault

I am interested in ordering the tungsten archery stabilizer weights.
I have 2 questions, what would shipping costs to Toronto Canada be? Do you plan on producing 1 oz. weights?

06.08.2017 02:01

Jeff w.

I would also like to know if this price is for a kilogram. thanks

03.09.2017 07:44

KJ Gao


27.06.2017 14:36

Willis Shaw

Is this price per kilo?

03.09.2017 07:45

KJ Gao