Machines Used In Manufacturing Of Tungsten Alloy

Machinery/Production Process:

V-type Mixers

Spiral Mixer

Vacuum Drying Oven

Granulating Machine

Cold Isostatic Press

300 Tons Hydraulic Press

Lever-type Automatic Powder Pressing Press

De-binding Furnace

High Temperature Hydrogen Sintering Furnace

Cooling Oven

Ball Grinding Machine

Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

CNC Machine

CNC Lathe Machine

Surface Grinding Machine

Injection Molding Machine

Centrifugal Surface Cleaning Machine

Swaging Machine

Twin Screw Extruder

High Speed Mixing Machine

V-type mixers

Twin screw extruder

Vacuum Drying Oven

Granulating machine

Cold Isostatic Press

High speed mixing machine

Swaging machine

Ball grinding machine

Injection molding machine

Lever-type Automatic Powder Pressing Press

300 Tons Hydraulic Press

De-binding Furnace &High Temperature Hydrogen Sintering

Atmosphere sintering furnace

CNC Machine

CNC Lathe Machine

Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities:

Micrometer           (Inspecting Size)

Electronic Balance   (Inspecting Weight)

Density Meter       (Inspecting Density)

Hardness Tester    (Inspecting Hardness)

Universal Material Testing Machine   Inspecting The Yield Strength,The Tensile Strength And The Elongation

Impact Testing Machine   (Inspecting Impact Energy)

Metallographic Sample Polishing Machine   (Inspecting Grain size And Phase Composition, Porosity And Micro Defects)

Optical Microscope   (Inspecting Grain Size And Phase) 

Ultrasonic Flaw Detecto   (Inspecting Internal Crack)

Three-coordinate Measuring Instrument   (Inspecting Complex Shape Size)


Three-coordinate Measuring Instrument

Three-coordinate Measuring Instrument

Density Meter

Metallographic Sample Polishing Machine

Hardness Tester

Optical Microscope

Impact Testing Machine


Universal Material Testing Machine

Electronic Balance


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