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Top one tungsten alloy factory in the world!
-Sport (TSS,fishing weights,tungsten archery)
-Radiation Shielding(NM&PET)
-Tungsten for defense


Over 20 years' expertise in tungsten heavy alloy and other related products

5,000sqm workshop | 40+ patents | Ready-made molds

Engaged in Tungsten Alloy Products

KJ Tungsten-Zhuzhou KJ Super Materials Co., Ltd. can be traced back to 2001 which is a limited liability company engaged in manufacturing, machining and sales of tungsten heavy alloy, tungsten copper, cemented carbide, pure tungsten and other relevant tungsten alloy products.

Offering Wide Product Range

Our main products include Wolfram,Tungsten,Tungsten Alloy, Tungsten Shot,Fishing Sinker,Tungsten Balls,Tungsten Cubes, Radiation Shielding,Syringe Shield,Bucking Bar,Tungsten Points for Archery,Copper Tungsten,Tungsten Crankshaft,Tungsten Spheres,Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rods, Boring Bars, Collimators and Counterweights, which are popular in the US, Canada and Japan.

We offer high-quality products for customers in China and abroad. Our products have characteristics of high density, high hardness, high melting point, anti-corrosion, radiation protection, nontoxic and environment-friendly. Therefore, our tungsten alloy products are widely used in fields of aerospace, medical equipment, military, mechano-electronic, oil exploration, vehicle, sports counterweight and gold-plated jewelry.

Lead by Materials Science Professors and Senior Engineers

With strong foundation, advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality control, and a professional research and development team lead by material science professors and senior engineers, we gain support from relevant academy of Central South University and foreign advanced technology. In addition, we own more than 40 patents for invention and product appearance which ensure our tungsten alloy products are in the leading level in domestic and international markets.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Of Tungsten And Tungsten Materials

Tungsten and tungsten material, tungsten-nickel-copper or tungsten-nickel-iron heavy alloy
Trade Name and Synonyms: All Zhuzhou KJ Super Materials Co., Ltd.’S TUNGSTEN PRODUCTS

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KJ Gao


28.12.2018 15:12

Allen BIshop

Tungsten Super 18 Shot (TSS) #8,#7.5 Price 93,77 USD. FOR 1 KG OR FOR 10KG?????

28.12.2018 20:48

KJ Gao

1 KG

25.09.2018 09:08

Mark Watson

Hi there..can you give me a cost to ship 10 kg of tss to scotland...postcode DD10 9LW...also would there be customs charges

27.09.2018 22:49

KJ Gao

The shipping cost is 7USD/kg by DHL.

06.08.2018 12:52


I see you have a minimum order quantity of 10kg. It doesn't say in the description how much I have to order to reach that 10kg. How much does 1 quantity weigh?

04.07.2018 01:36

Greg Uhland

I am interested in buying some 18g/cc #9 shot.

29.06.2018 16:08

Greg Uhland

I would like to place and order however, I cannot change the county in your online order form.

01.07.2018 02:04

KJ Gao

You can send email to kjgao@tungstenalloy.tech

02.03.2018 11:55

Floyd jones

I am very excited to find a more reliable, Quality, better priced supplier. I source many items through China And Europe. I have 7-8 year loyal and long standing relationships with my discrete and pri

26.10.2017 05:01

Pankaj Domadia

Dear Miss,

Please Quote lowest C & F Mumbai by air rate for:

Tungsten Heavy Alloy rods

Material composition W- 92.5%, Fe - 5.0% and Ni - 2.5% with density 17.4 to 17.6 gm/cc.

Size:44 (-0/+2) mm di

17.09.2017 21:34

Charles Shelton

Is your company in the American stock market thanks

20.05.2018 17:09

Jack Zhou

Hi Charles,
We are not listed in NYSE. We have office in Canada to serve North American Market.

17.09.2017 21:57

KJ Gao

but the price also will be changed in two months

17.09.2017 21:56

KJ Gao

Basically this price will not come down in two years,maybe the price in US will be cheaper than china right now, because they have in stock, you can buy some,

17.09.2017 21:55

KJ Gao

China is the world's largest exporter of tungsten, so the price increased a lot

17.09.2017 21:54

KJ Gao

There is no way that the raw material price increases too much.Due to environmental issues, the Chinese government shut down a lot of tungsten ore,

06.08.2017 08:01

KJ Gao

Yes, this is the price per kg

28.07.2017 19:29

Adriano Fernandes

Boa tarde
Fazem pontas para flechas?para quais e quais os calibre

04.06.2017 16:31

Mr.Juan Luis Perdomo

Hello, I am looking for to know about tungsten tubs; I am trend jewellery and need to contact an tubes provider; you produce this item? Let me know some thing about.
Kind regards.

17.05.2017 15:05

dr ololade

do you have a linac accelerator or cobalt cancer therapy machine